Body Balance

Your ideal weight without starving yourself!

Body Balance relies on a specially developed combination of natural active ingredients primarily harvested in tropical regions.
The Acai berry is referred to as a ‘Brazilian wonder berry’ and used as a power fruit; it helps the body become healthy and slim, and stay that way over the long term. The berries are rumored to have many effects: they are said to improve metabolism, stimulate the digestion, reduce appetite, detoxify the body, and reduce body fat.
As the berries are rich in vitamins, iron and other nutrients, detoxification is promoted in the body and body fat is verifiably reduced. What’s more, the berries contain an enzyme that is said to stimulate lipometabolism. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, it can encourage the development of muscle, better remove fat, and thus help with losing weight.
Papaya contains various enzymes, the most important of which is the enzyme papain. This breaks down hard-to-digest proteins, thus supporting the pancreas and promoting digestion. Papain also attacks tissue affected by impurities and breaks down compounds that impair metabolism. Papaya should definitely be used when detoxifying the body. Excess pounds are removed and the body is cleansed from the inside out.
Pineapple powder contains many enzymes, just like papaya. It is particularly characterized by its high content of the enzyme bromelain. This also breaks down protein and thus promotes digestion in a natural way.
White tea is a further aid to weight loss. The polyphenols and methylxanthines it contains have a positive effect on the cells. These ingredients are said to slow down the storage of dietary fat in body fat cells. Fat cells not only store less fat, but also release any fat already stored more quickly and thus help with losing weight.